From natural, agave-fiber sisal tying twine to twisted and braided nylon seine twine, CWC provides a huge range of twine options to meet your specific needs. Our polypropylene meat twine is safe for food handling and our poly film tape (or ribbon) twine offers amazing strength and durability. CWC lumber braid, tomato twine, and tree rope provide gentle support for plants and saplings; our Christmas tree twine is tight and strong. You can even get our popular cotton, sisal, and jute twines in convenient retail packaging.
Item Description Ft/Lb Tensile Color Putup Length Units/Ctn Ply Yarn Weight Availability Price Per Unit Add To Cart
Image Label 033005 Polypro Christmas Tree Twine 1500 75 lbs White 4# tube 6750' 8 -- -- 40 lbs In Stock
Image Label 048195 Jute Twine 1500 27 lbs Natural 50# M/E reel 75000' 1 2 14 52 lbs In Stock
Image Label 048190 Jute Twine 1500 27 lbs Natural 10# tube 15000' 6 2 14 62 lbs In Stock
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