At CWC we understand and encourage workplace safety!  We offer an extensive line of products made to keep workers safe.  Occupational back supports and brace use prevent common injuries in the workplace.  Preventing workplace injuries such as back strain, knee issues, etc. help keep workers pain-free and productive.

  • Back supports is a general term that refers to corset-style belts used in lifting. Proper lifting techniques protect the back.
  • Knee pads are used frequently on the job to support and protect the patella, or knee cap from injury.  If performing a job where kneeling is required, knee pads can ease the stress and keep employeed more comfortable as they work
  • Hand and wrist braces are worn to support lifting heavy objects, keeping the wrist in a proper neutral position.  Also used commonly to immobilize the joints for people who need extra support as they heal from an injury, such as carpal tunnel.

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