Encore Packaging offers a variety of Cord Strapping Tensioner tools. Whether your package is flat, round or irregular, they have the right tool. Made in the USA
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Cord Strap Tension Bar 176002 Cord Strap Tension Bar EP1140 1/2in - 3/4in 3.95 lbs Call For Availability
Cord Strap Knuckle Tool 176003 Cord Strap Knuckle Tool EP1158 1/2in - 3/4in 6.97 lbs Call For Availability
Premium Windlass Cord Tensioner 176119 Premium Windlass Cord Tensioner EP1160 1/2in - 3/4in 3.71 lbs In Stock
Premium Windlass Cord Pusher Tensioner 176004 Premium Windlass Cord Pusher Tensioner EP1175 1/2in - 3/4in 3.75 lbs Call For Availability
Economy Large Cord Tensioner 176129 Economy Large Cord Tensioner EP1188 5/8in - 1 1/2in 4.53 lbs Call For Availability
HD Jumbo Cord Tensioner 176013 HD Jumbo Cord Tensioner EP1190 5/8in - 1 1/2in 5.66 lbs Call For Availability
HD Jumbo Knuckle Tool 176014 HD Jumbo Knuckle Tool EP1198 5/8in - 1 1/2in 6 lbs Call For Availability
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