CWC Venetian Blind Cord - 9/64" x 3000' Black

Black Venetian blind cord. Constructed stiffer than solid braid. Very flexible knots easily. Its a maypole braided cotton over a synthetic core and is an excellent drapery and traverse cord. Works smoothly and effectively in pulleys.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multipurpose
  • Works smoothly in lightweight pulley application
Item Description Size Diameter Tensile Length Color Units/Ctn Weight Availability Price Add To Cart
Venetian Blind Cord 9/64 in. x 3000 ft. Black-CWC 160041 160041
Venetian Blind Cord #4 1/2 9/64" 180 lbs 3000' Black 1 27 lbs In Stock $140.95

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