Vinyl Gloves - Powdered and Powder-Free

CWC industrial grade vinyl gloves come in, powder free and powdered. Our 3 and 6.5 mil vinyl disposable gloves are perfect for persons with latex allergies. Stretches for snug sensitive fit and maximum dexterity. Ambidextrous design fits right or left hand. Loose fit around wrist for comfort. Available in Sizes: Small - XL


  • Available in clear or green
  • Disposable
  • Reversible gloves fit either hand
  • 100 gloves per box
  • Sold by the carton / 10 boxes per carton
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Vinyl Disposable Gloves Industrial Grade - 3 Mil Clear Powder-Free Gloves XL-CWC 510260 510260 Industrial Grade - 3 Mil Clear Vinyl - Powder-Free XL 100 10 17 lbs Call For Availability
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