CWC Jute Twine Tube - 2-Ply Natural

2-ply jute fiber is available in easy-to-handle lightweight tubes that are individually and attractively packaged for retail customers. If this twine is burned it will not add to the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. It does not create static and it is also biodegradable. It’s one of the most affordable natural fibers that is strong and designed to resist damage from the sun.


  • light-duty multi-filament construction versatile
  • Economical substitute for hemp
  • Soft & extremely flexible
  • Biodegradable
Item Description Ply Tensile Color Putup Length Units/Ctn Weight Availability Price Add To Cart
Jute Twine Tube 2-Ply Natural-CWC 045145 045145
Jute Twine 2 56 lbs Natural 1/2# tube 342' 12 6 lbs In Stock $28.95

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