CWC offers a huge variety of standard tapes: masking, duct, electrical, painters, filament - and many more! You’ll find the tapes you want in the colors, sizes, and thicknesses you need. For example, we offer pipe wrap in widths of 2-6” and painters tape in both 7- and 14-day varieties. CWC provides many specialty tapes, including non-adhesive vinyl garden ties, flagging, and caution tapes. You can even get pressure-sensitive anti-slip tapes – and the tape guns and other tools you need to get the job done right!
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Model #T340 DR Tape Dispenser-CWC 059132 059132 Mousetrap-Style Tape Dispenser W/ Noise Reducer. Works With Standard Core 2" Packing Tape. T340 DR 2" 1 lbs In Stock
Model #T230 Tape Dispenser-CWC 059131 059131 Premium Tape Dispenser. Works With Standard Core 2" Packing Tape. T230 2" 1 lbs In Stock
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