At CWC, we know you need reliable, tough strapping to keep your products safe and stable during transport. Our steel strapping comes in regular-duty, heavy-duty, high-tensile, and punched styles– and in portable, self-dispensing mini coils for on-the-spot jobs. CWC also provides polyester and polypropylene strapping in a variety of sizes, colors, pre-cut and buckled 17' lengths. We even carry the strapping tools and accessories you need – from plastic and steel strap seals to crimpers, tensioners, and carts!
Item Width Length Thickness Tensile Ft/Lb Finish Weight Availability Price Per Unit Add To Cart
Image Label 177202 1/2" 200' 0.020" 1223 lbs 29.4 Painted/waxed 10 lbs In Stock
Image Label 177203 5/8" 200' 0.020" 1508 lbs 23.6 Painted/waxed 12 lbs In Stock
Image Label 177204 3/4" 200' 0.020" 1812 lbs 19.6 Painted/waxed 12 lbs In Stock
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