CWC Natural Choice 1-ply Single-Fold Towel

CWC paper towels are made of absorbent 1 or 2-ply paper sheets for enhanced absorbency and long lasting durability. Soft strong and absorbent for efficient hand drying and spill cleanup abilities. We offer a wide breadth of multi-fold single fold hard wound and kitchen roll towels as well as hands-free systems.


  • Strong and absorbent making quick work of spills
  • 1-ply paper towels reduce waste
  • General-purpose cleaning and drying
  • Work with CWC towel dispensers
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Image Label 520209
Natural Choice 1-Ply Single-Fold Towel - 250 Sheets - Rec Kraft 9in x 10.7in 16 19.05 lbs In Stock $20.95

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