12-Strand DyMax® Rope - 3/16" x 600' Grey

CWC 12-strand Dymax® is a Dyneema rope manufactured with 100% SK65 fibers. Heat set under load with fiber bond treatment. Pound for pound Dymax® strength is comparable to wire rope at a fraction of the weight. It floats making it ideal for commercial fishing vessel mooring lines tug winch lines emergency towlines utility winch and pulling lines recreational winch line and theatrical rigging lines. Delivered standard with a polyurethane finish for firmness of lay and abrasion resistance.


  • Very low stretch with very high strength
  • Heat-set under load with fiber bond treatment
  • Strength is comparable to wire rope
  • Floats
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DyMax® Rope 12-Strand 3/16 in. x 600 ft. Grey-CWC 353422 353422
12 Strand Dymax 3/16" 3700 lbs 600' Grey 6 lbs In Stock $321.95

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