ERGO™ 15mm Small Bypass Pruner 8" #1 Blade

ERGO™ 15 mm Small Bypass Pruners with Elastomer Coated Fixed Handle

Maximum comfort with minimum effort due to the ergonomic design.  Less fatigue and discomfort thanks to the inclinations of the cutting head. Increased comfort thanks to elastomer-coated, flowing-shaped handles. Reduced friction and sticking due to the hollow inner face of the blade. Blade stays sharp longer due to the grinding operations used.

Product Details

  • 8 inch total length
  • 3/4 inch cut diameter
  • Pruner developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • Size of cutting head adapted to the task to be performed
  • Vertical and lateral inclinations of cutting head allow pruning with a straight wrist
  • Grinding process
  • Handle made of composite material with soft rubber on upper part
  • Shape and size of handles adapted to the size of the hand
  • Available in three sizes: S (small), M (medium) and L (large)
  • All cutting heads fit all handles
  • 2 per Box @ $65.95 each - SOLD PER BOX ONLY
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ERGO™ 15mm Small Bypass Pruner 8 550265

ERGO™ 15mm Smalll Bypass Pruner 8" #1 Blade

2 2.72 lbs Call For Availability $138.95

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